Beyond the Checklist: Taking Care of & Truly Caring for Clients


​“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care." – Teddy Roosevelt

Our founder, Gerry Rauenhorst believed human inspiration and motivation are largely driven by emotion, empathy and caring for one another. His legacy continues today through the Opus Foundation®, GHR Foundation and our associates' dedication to giving generously of their time and talents to our communities. Gerry established a culture of caring that doesn't stop at stewardship – it transcends to how we treat our clients and partners and how we execute our day-to-day work.

Research on business decision-making conducted in 2019 by B2B International found that 56% of a businesspersons' final decision is based on emotional factors, while just 44% is based on rational factors. “Sure, companies need to satisfy customers' rational needs and wants – having the right product at the right price in order to enter the consideration set," the study said. “But, in the race between silver and gold, emotion prevails."

It's the human factor. It's the need to know that your building will be delivered by people who care about you and your business. We understand that investing in a building is a significant undertaking. So much so, that we state our mission in terms of what our clients do:

Driven to exceed your expectations and empower your mission through the buildings we deliver.

“It's not about us," said Tim Murnane, President & CEO. “It's about our clients, and understanding their purpose. It's about truly caring and doing more than simply checking the boxes to deliver a project. It's about being willing to give more than anticipated to ensure they are delighted. Our associates continually rise to the occasion for our clients and this is a key differentiator for Opus."

Our associates take care of clients by ensuring the buildings we design and construct meet all of their requirements. Caring for clients, on the other hand, involves a willingness to go beyond what's expected to truly engage and show sincere concern for the client, their experience and their success.

Read our white paper to read stories of our associates caring for clients on projects across multiple sectors.