Associate Commitment

More than a Job

What are our team members like? They're talented, dedicated and knowledgeable. They're experts in their field and committed to the work we do, the clients we do it for and the communities in which we work. Our associates streamline complex projects and always deliver value to clients.

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Associate Commitment

Associates in Their Own Words

Let our associates tell you about being on our team.

Project Management

  • Jeff Smith

    At Opus we involve project managers from the start to the finish of a project. It enables you to be intimately involved with all details of the project. What I enjoy most about my job is at the end of a project, stepping back and seeing the creative work that happened. It’s a great feeling to know I was an integral part of bringing it to fruition.

    Jeff Smith

    Vice President
  • Beth Duyvejonck

    One of the things I like about this job is creating something completely new with each client. It never gets old. We get to create amazing environments for people to live and work in, and we are passionate about it. In fact, we tend to get really attached to the buildings and our clients.

    Beth Duyvejonck



  • Stephanie Chitwood

    Every piece of land and every building has a story. As developers, we help write those stories by delivering the right products, to the right clients, at the right time.

    Stephanie Chitwood

  • Devon Coffey

    We call potential real estate projects 'pursuits' until construction starts, and the process can be two years in the making. There's always a lot going on with multiple deals and properties under contract while working through negotiations with the city and sellers. The ultimate goal is to never miss a deadline and see the project through to the end – and we do just that.

    Devon Coffey

  • Ben Angelo

    Our goal is to develop high-quality properties that are desirable to our residents. Almost everything we do during development is focused on the end-user, which in my case are students. We aren't just building apartments for students to sleep and study in; we are creating vibrant communities within university or college communities.

    Ben Angelo

    Senior Director

Architecture & Engineering

  • Jennifer Koehler

    My passion is creating spaces for our clients that inspire and engage their communities and workforces. My role is always to be a listener first. Once we understand the client's vision, our team can work on designing interiors that will bring out the best in their people and organizations.

    Jennifer Koehler

    Vice President
  • Ernesto Ruiz-Garcia

    We are always pushing for better architecture, challenging the norm and coming up with better design solutions, all the while balancing to stay within the client’s budget and also within the realities of construction.

    Ernesto Ruiz-Garcia

    Vice President


  • Greg Woelfel

    I enjoy overcoming challenges, and working in urban areas is always more complex, especially when building high-rises. The condominium projects I've worked on added another layer of complexity since 250+ units were designed and built according to individual owners' specifications. We are very client-driven at Opus. Giving them exactly what they want started from the very beginning when Gerry Rauenhorst founded the company and it remains at the center of everything we do today.

    Greg Woelfel

    Senior Superintendent