Achieving Business Goals with Integrated Workplace Solutions


As demand for luxury housing options in urban environments increases, employers located in downtown business districts are looking to refresh and expand office spaces. With our collaborative approach, we’re helping our clients earn a best-in-class workplace reputation.

Xcel Energy is one company experiencing such growth. Committed to providing high-quality, contemporary office space to support its downtown Minneapolis workforce, Xcel envisioned expanding its footprint, creating a two-building urban corporate campus adjacent to its current headquarters.

Xcel selected us for our extensive experience in the office sector and our ability to handle the complexities the urban site would present. Office space directly affects the ability to attract and retain top talent – a business imperative for success. Designed to reflect the latest trends in office development, users will experience a more collaborative, flexible environment with the wide array of amenities today’s workforce desires.

Creating Value from Experience

The synergy established throughout the Minneapolis office project along with our integrated design-build approach earned the opportunity for future collaboration with Xcel on a new regional headquarters in downtown Amarillo, Texas.

While both sites present unique opportunities and challenges, lessons learned in Minneapolis were applied in Amarillo – ultimately helping Xcel achieve its vision for consistency throughout its markets. Along the way, we’ve been able to anticipate and refine the client’s needs based on prior experience.

We always aim to learn from our clients for our clients. New projects can reveal new efficiencies and insights. Relationships built across teams and across markets enable us to deliver the right results for our clients. Whether starting a new relationship or continuing an existing one, we’re always bringing new ideas learned from our prior work.

Above: Wellness and casual, home-like spaces are desired in today’s office buildings.