Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2019


​As the year wraps up, we're excited to reveal our most viewed blog posts of the year. Take a look back with us.

Maximizing Success on any Building Project
By Dave Bangasser
Over six plus decades, Opus has built a solid reputation for delivering successful projects for a diverse portfolio of clients. As our company has evolved, our associates have mastered new project types and expanded our portfolio. Today, our team consistently mitigates risk and maximizes success on each project – even on new project types.

Laura Waller: Bringing Distinctive Spaces to Life for Clients
For all project team members, getting to know our clients and understanding their vision for the future is imperative to create the physical environments they desire. For our interior designers this requires a passion for creating spaces with purpose, whether it's to increase productivity, augment learning or enhance lifestyles. For Laura Waller, that passion comes naturally.

[White Paper] The Opus Advantage: In-House Expertise
With the steadfast shift in our marketplace from industrial to knowledge-based, the old adage “knowledge is power" has never been more relevant. A recent study by Talent Growth Advisors concluded that 88% of an average company's value is now a direct result of the brainpower of its people. With an in-house team of multidisciplinary experts, we definitely agree with this conclusion.

Building Community for a Better Tomorrow
Building community is what we do – both through our work developing, designing and constructing places for people to live, work, learn and worship and by how we do it.

Tim Murnane Named Most Admired CEO
Tim has been at the helm of Opus since 2010, strategically rebuilding and reinvigorating the organization. When he accepted the offer to lead Opus, he was tasked with reviving a then 57-year-old company after a significant economic downturn. Just eight short years later, under his leadership, Opus has demonstrated a steady growth trajectory.

Celebrating Our Women in Construction & Project Management
In celebration of Women in Construction week we asked some of our women in construction and project management about their careers. This week is promoted by The National Associate of Women in Construction as a way “to highlight women as a viable component of the construction industry."

Living Our Values, Delivering Value for You
Commitment to our mission and values is key to our ability to deliver exceptional value to you. We are guided each and every day by our core values; they inform our actions and also serve as a measure of our success. How we do our work is just as important as what we deliver and achieve through our work.

Phoenix Team & Projects Receive Awards
The beginning of 2019 delivered a whirlwind of honors to our Phoenix office. The newest Opus office, our Phoenix team has really established themselves in the market.

Opus Foundation® Awards More than $750k to 15 Nonprofits
By Kristin Ridley
Committed to building community for a better tomorrow, in December, the Opus Foundation awarded nearly $760,000 to fifteen impactful nonprofit organizations, supporting early childhood education, workforce development, youth development and community revitalization.

Kim Noonan: Driven by Purpose & Our Mission to Exceed Expectations
In today's competitive business landscape, the most successful companies start and end with their client. Organizational values, purpose, culture and priorities are all informed by them, and if they aren't, nothing else matters because that organization won't survive. That's why our mission is stated not in terms of what we do, but what our clients do: Driven to exceed your expectations and empower your mission through the buildings we deliver. We live our mission through our unique project delivery model, product quality and track record – and our people and culture, which Kim Noonan, vice president, marketing & brand, will tell you are our most powerful differentiators.

Transit-Oriented Development: Building Communities That Are Convenient & Sustainable
If you've sat in traffic lately, you know how frustrating it can be. Nationwide, traffic levels are increasing, straining our road systems and frankly, us. According to a 2016 study by INRIX, Americans spend an average of 52 hours a year stuck in traffic during their commutes. That's a lot of wasted time, not to mention what it costs in fuel and emissions-related environmental impacts.

3701 Wayzata Blvd. Viable, Successful Option for Both Developers & Tenants
Twin Cities commercial real estate professionals are recognizing the potential reuse of older buildings by upgrading, retrofitting and repurposing them and bringing them to the market as multitenant office properties. If you need proof that adaptive reuse can be a viable and successful option in today's Twin Cities office market, look no further than the adaptive reuse of the former Target West campus at 3701 Wayzata Blvd. in Minneapolis.

Nick Lauters: Working Collaboratively to Deliver Client Expectations
With a multidisciplinary, one-team approach to project delivery, we simplify would-be complex processes for our clients. One way we do so is by providing each client with a point of contact from initial design, through construction and all the way through to completion. Nick Lauters, senior project manager in our Denver office, has proven to be successful at working closely with our clients, keeping their needs and vision in mind.

Nick Murnane: Leading Real Estate Development with Passion & Enthusiasm
Our in-house model fully integrates all aspects of a project, from development, to design and all the way through construction – providing great value to clients. Throughout the process, our team works together to be good business partners to our clients, and to each other, which requires understanding multiple facets of the business and process. Nick Murnane, Director of Real Estate Development, can attest to this.

Amenities are Shaping Multifamily Developments
By Olga Olejniczak
Our development team is thoughtful and strategic, ensuring our projects bring exceptional value to clients, business partners and the people who live, work and play in our buildings. Studying and anticipating market trends, is crucial to the success of a building, especially within the multifamily sector where renters are more sophisticated and engaged than ever. Amenities are one of the most important aspects of our multifamily projects. Amenities that pique the interest of renters are essential and add value to the project by increasing prospective residents' likeliness of renting.