Our Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2020

As this anything-but-ordinary year comes to a close, we wanted to follow our tradition of highlighting our most viewed blog posts of the year. A lot has happened, and we've published many blog posts this year. We appreciate the time you've spent reading our blog posts. 

Take a look back at the year with our most viewed 2020 blog posts.

Creative Interior Design During and Post COVID-19
By Jennifer Koehler
Who could have imagined how quickly our world could change? The global pandemic struck and instantly affected everything in our lives. From how and where we work, shop, eat and play to our personal connections with the people in our lives, COVID-19 has left us frightened, challenged and, at times, overwhelmed.

Kristin Flanery: Advancing our Collaborative Culture with Passion and Energy
“We are one cohesive team at Opus, and that's powerful for our clients. In addition to delivering great value, I find our one-team model and interacting with all departments across the organization hugely rewarding. Our people at Opus are everything!"

We agree with Real Estate Development Coordinator Kristin Flanery – our people are everything. Our greatest asset. Our most powerful differentiator. Truth be told, Kristin exemplifies the kind of passion and energy that drives all of us at Opus to go beyond the checklist and truly care for our clients.

Andersen Goodyear Wins NAIOP AZ Award
Andersen Windows Manufacturing – Goodyear has been named NAIOP Arizona's Industrial Tenant Improvement of the Year!

Farewell from Dave Bangasser on his Retirement
With changing plans ahead of him, Dave retired as President & CEO of Construction on April 2. Read his words of inspiration and thoughts on his time at Opus.

Top 5 Benefits of Our Teams Ability to Respond Quickly
Success doesn't just happen; we make it happen through hard work, collaboration and a shared goal: your goal. Whether it's delivering a new project or addressing a unique challenge, our fully-integrated team of in-house, multidisciplinary experts can make it happen quickly.

Opus Foundation® Awards $1.4M to 15 Nonprofits
By Kristin Ridley
The Opus Foundation is continuing its support of projects and programs that make Opus' communities better places to live, work and play.

[White Paper] Beyond the Checklist: Taking Care of & Truly Caring for Clients
When 56% of a businessperson's final decision is based on emotional factors, you want a partner versed in caring for clients beyond the project checklist.

Our 2019 Philanthropy Work
We're building community for a better tomorrow. See how we gave back in our 2019 philanthropy report.

Greg Swanson: Master Expeditor Champion of Collaboration
From project initiation through activation, all the critical players are working from the same playbook and towards the same goal – yours. Collaboration is a word we use often because the success of our clients' projects hinges on our ability to do it well.

Opus Foundation Makes COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants
By Kristin Ridley
With so many vulnerable communities being impacted by COVID-19, the Opus Foundation® quickly mobilized an emergency response to fund nonprofits in all of our markets serving those communities and its people. As nonprofits quickly pivoted their work to serve the greatest needs of their communities in the most efficient and safe ways, the Opus Foundation responded by broadening guidelines and expediting funding timelines to support these crucial efforts.