Chicago Tube & Iron

Industrial Facility Renovation & Expansion

  • Chicago Tube & Iron warehouse expansion was built by Opus Design Build.
  • Opus Design Build showed its industrial construction expertise with Chicago Tube & Iron's warehouse expansion.
  • Opus Design Build continued long-term relationship with Chicago Tube & Iron with their latest expansion.
  • Opus AE Group did the design and structural engineering on Chicago Tube and Iron's warehouse expansion.
  • Chicago Tube & Iron, industrial construction
  • Chicago Tube & Iron, industrial construction
  • Chicago Tube & Iron, industrial design, structural engineering
  • Chicago Tube & Iron, industrial construction

We recently redesigned and provided construction services for a new Chicago Tube & Iron facility in Eagan, Minn. A major facelift, the project involved remodeling the lobby and expanding and modernizing the warehouse.

"On behalf of everyone here at Chicago Tube & Iron, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere appreciation for a job well done on the remodel of our Eagan facility. As you remember, your marching orders were to take our 40-year-old building (which definitely looked its age) and transform it into a replica of our newly constructed plants in Chicago, Fond du Lac and Charlotte. By anyone's standards, this was a tall order. Upon completion, the unanimous opinion is that you accomplished the goal to everyone's satisfaction and amazement." Bruce Torgerson, general manager, St. Paul division of Chicago Tube & Iron.