Activity in the Mile-High City


​There is a flurry of development and construction activity in the office and residential sectors in Denver.

Since early 2008, Denver has moved from the 12th to the top metropolitan area with the greatest number of 25 to 34 year olds moving to the city. Driving this growth is a desire for work-life balance with short commutes, convenient access to cultural and social centers and easy access to amenities. 

As Baby Boomers continue to retire and companies cater to the next workforce generation, that growth in the young professionals demographic has created demand for office spaces that feature reduced private workspaces and more common areas designed to foster collaboration, innovation and socializing. We are responding to this need with new developments and build-to-suit projects, including the new worldwide headquarters for TriZetto Corporation.

The new headquarters was thoughtfully designed to promote collaboration with internal and external clients, including indoor and outdoor gathering areas for large corporate meetings, limited break room areas to encourage employee interaction in the cafeteria and a custom designed executive briefing center to promote education of TriZetto’s services to clients across the globe.

With a growing workforce comes a desire to live near work and recreational areas. Migration to the urban core is common across the country, but Denver is unique because of the city’s significant investment in its multimodal transit infrastructure has placed an increased need for quality housing in our increasingly vibrant downtown.

Culture and economics are driving factors in our current boom in residential construction. Similar to office developments, the range of amenities and communal space is on the rise, while overall unit sizes have decreased as urban renters work to afford their desired lifestyle.

In anticipation of this evolution, we are currently under construction on Verve, a 10-story, 285-unit luxury apartment complex in the heart of downtown. Located within a five minute walk of the Denver Pepsi Center, the Museum of Contemporary art and Denver’s multimodal hub at Union Station, Verve will provide residents with a wide range of desired amenities and gathering spaces.

Denver’s changing infrastructure and demographics are influencing how the commercial real estate industry views the residential and office sectors. With renters of all ages migrating to the city and looking for a great location to live, work and play, we’re catering to these needs in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.