Building Community with 5 Key Focus Areas


​The Opus Foundation® is focused on making the communities in which Opus employees live and work a better place. To advance our mission and deepen our impact, the Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations delivering programs and services in the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Education: to enhance school readiness for pre-school aged children,
  • Youth Development: to achieve healthy social and academic development of school-aged youth,
  • Workforce Development: to help position and prepare individuals for better futures,
  • Community Revitalization: to increase the vitality of struggling neighborhoods or communities and
  • Pressing/Emerging Needs: to respond to emergency needs resulting from economically challenging times.

Covering a wide range of needs, the five focus areas allow the Opus Foundation and our employees to build community. The Opus Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

The Opus Foundation is building community for a better tomorrow by supporting projects and programs that make our communities better places to live, work and raise families through grants to nonprofit organizations in the areas of early childhood education, youth development, workforce development, community revitalization and pressing/emerging needs. Read more about the Foundation's work.