[Case Study] Opus Delivers Tenant Improvements for TCF, with a Strategic Focus on Business Goals


​TCF Financial Corporation (TCF) is drawing on Opus's experience in tenant improvements to assist in the renovation of a 400,000 square-foot office space within the Plymouth Corporate Center (PCC) in Plymouth, Minnesota.  TCF is moving approximately 1,700 team members to the new office environment from six metro-area office locations before the end of 2015. Opus is helping them achieve their business goals, efficiently and seamlessly. 

As an expansive renovation with unique specifications, the project required close collaboration between parties to achieve TCF's vision for an effective, efficient and inviting office space that would reinforce the company culture, improve team member collaboration and provide an attractive environment for current and prospective team members. TCF trusted Opus to act as construction manager because its integrated project delivery method complemented critical aspects of the work.

Improvements include converting existing warehouse and office space into an open floor plan with contemporary design. Leveraging best-in-class work space planning and design principles, the team developed a space layout that organized TCF's departments and operations to maximize efficiency and collaboration—all while addressing the distinctive requirements of a financial services company.

Engaging Opus early in the design process helped TCF meet an aggressive schedule, mitigate risk to keep the project on budget, and most importantly meet their business goals through the renovation of this new space.  Opus collaborated closely with TCF's architect, NELSON, to develop real-time construction cost and schedule scenarios, saving money without sacrificing quality.

Close collaboration also allowed the team to establish a phased timeline, crucial to meeting the staggered move schedule. Team members are moving to the new location in nine separate moves, between August and December 2015. Opus is working with city and building officials to manage the phased design, procurement and permitting process, so that the first team members who arrived could work safely and productively while other parts of the building are still under construction.

Opus trades people are performing the concrete, masonry, demolition, dry wall and carpentry, enabling Opus to drive the schedule and stay on track. Opus also assembled the team responsible for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire protection sprinkler, and interior finishes, using its integrated Opus DB3 process.

Opus DB3 is a unique approach that takes design-build to the next level, with a process that ensures meaningful collaboration between all roles, elevating the entire project delivery experience.  This integrated approach allows the whole team to quickly review options and proactively address potential issues, without slowing the process to generate new drawings and cost bids. 

By bringing its integrated approach, transparent collaboration, and experience in tenant improvements, Opus is an essential partner that is helping TCF achieve its business goals and construction objectives on time and within budget.