Internships Smooth the Transition for Associate Project Managers at Opus

Working at Opus is about more than a job—it's about advancing our client goals, our communities and your career.

At Opus, our Project Interns gain practical experience in our unique design-build model. Through on-the-job training and mentoring, our internships bring classroom learning to life. And once they've graduated, the experience smooths the transition to a full-time role.

We've had tremendous success with our internship program. Current leaders, including Tom Becker, President & CEO of Construction; Jeff Walker, Director of Operations; Oscar Healy, Regional Vice President of Construction; and George Parrino, Project Executive, began their careers as interns with us.

And so did some current Associate Project Managers like Laura Stueve. Read about her experience in her own words.​

Laura Stueve, Associate Project Manager

  • When did you do your internship? Jan 2022 - May 2022
  • When did you start full time? May 2022
  • Where did you go to college and what was your degree? Arizona State University, Construction Management and Architectural Studies
  • What was a highlight of your internship? Being involved with all of the projects in the office, industrial and multifamily. Feeling a part of the team and feeling heard, even as an intern.
  • What was training and mentorship like during your internship? Mentorship was great. We have a great team in the Phoenix office, and the PM staff helped me learn and grow to the best of their ability. They made sure that I understood everything they put in front of me and took the time to help me learn if I didn't understand.
  • What was your experience transitioning from being an intern to a full-time associate? Easy. I was already doing most of the tasks as an intern that I am doing as an APM, so the transition was seamless.
  • What advice would you give to a college student considering an internship with Opus? Do it, especially if you are in the construction field. You get such a different experience at Opus than you would at a typical large GC, at least this was my experience. At your typical GC, it can feel like you're put into a box and don't get a good view on the overall process of a PM. At Opus, they trust and teach that an entry level APM can accomplish all of the tasks a regular PM can, just with smaller scopes and increased time in your schedule to learn.


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