Project Closeout: Ensuring a Building Meets Our Client’s Vision


​Once a project has been built and the client has moved in, we’re still actively involved in ensuring that the building meets their vision and goals.

Project Closeout

We follow a standard project closeout checklist at post occupancy that allows us to provide quality service to all of our clients. During project closeout we satisfy contractual obligations, establish a punch list and commission all systems.


To prepare building engineers for managing a building, we provide documentation that will allow them to understand their building, including final design drawings for everything from civil engineering to fire alarms, geotechnical reports, environmental reports and more.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is always our goal throughout the process, and it’s no different during post occupancy. We coordinate with subcontractors and manufacturers to train the client on the various systems throughout the building, ensuring they’ll be able to fully manage the systems and maintain satisfaction with the building.

Throughout the entire process, from initial discussions of design to handing over the building, we focus heavily on the client and their satisfaction.