Putting ‘Design’ (and much more) in Design-Build: Part 1


Our design group provides the creative force that helps to make your vision a reality. Throughout the design process, we work closely with our real estate development and construction colleagues to ensure that the design stays in line with program and budget goals.

The first step is site selection. To analyze potential sites we consider the site boundaries and setbacks, zoning ordinances, topography, environmental forces, existing natural landscape and predominant view corridors, among other things. In this stage we also study the site’s relationship to its immediate surroundings and broader context.

Once a site is selected, our focus turns to studying possible building locations and configurations. In doing so we consider things such as building visibility, approach to entrances, accommodating the required parking, optimizing building orientation for solar gain and, in some cases, planning ahead for future expansion. Each site strongly influences the building design. If a site has amazing views, for example, the design might focus on how to best capture these.  All along, we have to keep in mind how each decision impacts the building’s sustainability and LEED certification potential.

Our team then starts work on the building design. This process varies greatly from project to project, depending on the client’s goals, program, budget and site. Our ability to collaborate on a daily basis with our real estate and construction colleagues helps us make informed decisions along the process. Every decision, from the selection of a structural system to that of the most appropriate finish materials, is considered carefully with the goal of realizing your vision in an innovative and efficient manner. 

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