Delivering for Industrial Users: Quick-turn Last-Mile E-commerce Fulfillment Centers

“For e-commerce clients, the most important thing is incoming product and speed of delivery," said Jay Fourniea, AIA, NCARB, Director of Architecture for Opus. “Each user has its own way of sorting and moving product through the building. We've successfully delivered many of these projects and therefore understand the processes and needs, and how to solve them on the site."


Industrial real estate continues to lead in 2021 (NAIOP Research Foundation), due in large part to the pandemic-driven surge in demand for e-commerce and the infrastructure to support it.

For e-commerce businesses, the race to get products delivered to doorsteps faster and more efficiently is the name of the game. Referred to as the last mile, the final leg of the supply chain journey between the distribution center and the end user is critical. It's also by far the most challenging to execute.

Delivering products at a rapid pace to consumers' homes is dependent on how well (and fast) they can execute that last mile. To streamline logistics, they are implementing advanced distribution and warehouse strategies in what has become an increasingly complex, time-driven environment. It involves moving goods through sophisticated last-mile fulfillment facilities that receive product, sort it appropriately and move it out as fast as possible.

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