[White Paper] Opus DB3™ Delivers Best Total Value & Cost Savings


In a dynamic, ever-changing business environment, organizations need a construction partner they can trust, one with a proven record of delivering value with a high-quality, cost-effective building. With deep expertise in the design-build method, Opus is that partner. Project after project, Opus has proven the benefits of its method, delivering innovative and efficient buildings on time and on budget, regardless of size.

Working as a fully-integrated, in-house team to meet aggressive schedules and establish a guaranteed maximum price early, without shortcutting or compromising the full design process, Opus delivers the high-quality buildings with enduring value that clients need. Additionally, the Opus team has proven they can meet the aggressive schedules that can be crucial to a project.

Download our white paper to read more stories about how our Opus DB3™ model delivers the best total value and cost savings.