[White Paper] The Value of Real Estate in Providing Better, More Efficient Healthcare


​As the Affordable Care Act drives up the number of patients covered by insurance, the impact on health care providers has become immediate and unavoidable. The importance of taking on increased financial risk while still improving access, outcomes and patient satisfaction is felt every day, pushing executives to adjust operations to meet new demands or be left behind.

Executives must align their clinical staff and services to support their patient population needs, provide the proper technology to track, manage and share patient data across all facilities and create the proper care facilities to manage patient health holistically within their network. The final step of providing the right facilities may appear to be a massive task to many health care professionals already adjusting their care delivery model, but it can also be key to taking a confident step toward success.

New requirements from the federal government and departments of health, among others, have mandated a new medical facility standard that requires a more effective and safer approach to providing health care. This new outlook puts forward-thinking providers in charge of their future and allows them to strive rather than survive in an ever-evolving health care industry. To take advantage of this opportunity, there are six important concepts savvy health care executives should consider in the real estate process.

Download our white paper to learn more about the six important concepts savvy health care executives should consider in the real estate process.

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