Workplace Strategy Creates Ideal Workspaces for any Client


​Workplace strategies are an approach to evaluating a company’s work habits, culture and energy to create a working environment that fosters collaboration, idea building and optimal productivity.

With Opus DB3™, our unique fully-integrated design-build model, our interior designers work hand-in-hand with our developers, architects, engineers, project managers and, most importantly, our clients from the project’s inception.

We begin each project by listening to our clients to fully understand their organization – how it operates and functions and its objectives – and the ultimate needs of the new space.

We use workplace strategies to design the workspaces that help organizations attract and retain talent, encourage productivity and boost morale.

The four zones or our workplace strategy – Healthy Environment, Socialize & Collaborate, Focus, & Mission & Branding – provide the variety of spaces needed to stimulate workers to perform work duties and help the company meet its objectives.

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