Gander Mountain Stores

Gander Mountain Stores

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Looking to expand its market presence, Gander Mountain needed contractors they could count on to deliver projects in unfamiliar places.

One Team, One Objective, No Matter How Many Projects

When other contractors might not have the capabilities, employees or infrastructure to handle the task, Gander Mountain has turned to us to construct seven new buildings and renovate one – most recently with four stores delivering virtually at once. These jobs came after working with Gander on three previous projects, where they learned that we could handle the complex task and provide value in the process.

Extensive Experience Put into Action

We leveraged our vast experience in retail and design-build construction to help Gander Mountain enter new markets with a smaller store concept. Because we're organized by discipline and not geography, we were able to tap into our integrated team of experts across the country to position the correct teams in Alabama, Georgia and Illinois, ensuring all project components came together correctly.

Building on a previously undeveloped site allowed our team to demonstrate the value of our unique approach to Gander Mountain on the Valdosta, Ga., project. The soils at the site were unstable. With various methods available to correct the soil, our team thoroughly analyzed the situation and options before presenting the most cost-effective solution to the client – not just what would be easiest for us.

I never had a doubt that Opus would present a high-quality product. It's in their DNA to be goal-oriented and committed to customer service, offering solutions rather than problems – something that is very refreshing in the construction industry.

Mark Oldham
Senior Construction Manager
Gander Mountain

Early Commitment to Cost (GMP) Seals the Deal

Certainty of outcome was paramount for Gander Mountain, as is the case with most every client. Gander's executives needed to understand how rent would factor into their business model, and the certainty to control that aspect of their business was the primary decision point for their commitment to proceed with us. This was a key factor in their decision to work with us, and it has also led to repeat business.

Shorter Timelines Despite Unusual Weather

Because timing is everything in retail, our team stuck to an aggressive schedule to allow Gander Mountain to open their store on time. Despite the unique challenges presented by almost 30 inches of rain falling over the course of the four and a half months of construction in Tuscaloosa, Al., we delivered.

Rain is difficult for construction workers – concrete, steel and other materials become slippery and unsafe or hard to handle. Managing the site took additional work for our project superintendent who moved into town for the duration of the project. He ensured the site ran smoothly and coordinated separate construction crews, who worked simultaneously, to complete the project.

Single Point of Responsibility Provides Confidence

Our vertical integration gave the client complete confidence that their building would be ready when needed – an important factor in retail sales. Given the security considerations of some of their product, like firearms, which can't be held in the parking lot if the building isn't ready on time, this confidence was absolutely necessary.

Our relationships with Opus employees working on the project, both on the management and construction sides, were extremely positive. Opus easily stepped up to the plate, presenting a consistent flow of open, clear and concise communications that helped us meet an aggressive schedule for completing the project.

Mark Oldham
Senior Construction Manager
Gander Mountain


Architect of Record
Opus AE Group, L.L.C.
Design Architect
CMA, Opus AE Group, L.L.C.

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